My life is fairly compartmentalized. I want to do too many things with too little time and effort.

It really started with the computer I bought in 1994. A Mac Performa 638CD. Rockin little machine. I could watch TV asnd play sega on it. I could play games, and write my stories.

I started writing long ago, in Jr. High (ok, not THAT long ago). Typical trash with swords and sorcerers.

Forward to Venice, CA. I’m in college at UCLA, working at a Psych hospital, living in a hole of an apartment with two other musicians and depressed as hell. I have no car, no patience and I’m continually pissed off at the world.

I write a story or two. They’re depressing. I type them on a little electric typewriter that does “word Processing” that I bought to do my papers on in college (this is 1988-91). I could read one line of type at a time. Shit! This is GREAT! I can erase stuff BEFORE it hits the paper. I am liberated. I store these things in the computer and print them out for hardcopy.

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