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I’m not a code head. Last time I did any coding was changing the colors on the screen on a Commodore 64 in 6th grade. I had to constantly ask for the numbers to do this. I hated it.

Flash to now. i wish I could do programming. See how little I know? Programming is something I wish I could do, but don’t bother with the math. Or the effort. I like the end result, just not the journey.

I’m a production guy. The content seems to have to come from somewhere else.



I play guitar. I have only recenly decided that I play even remotely well. I was in a few bands. One fairly good one with friends from high school. I do better with the arrangements and music than I ever do with songwriting. Another effort vs. end product issue? Dunno. I wish I could be a cool singer/songwriter, but I lack the drive. I think.

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