dude. maybe i just need to shut up

Sometimes I want to blame everyone else for crappy interactions. But maybe, just maybe, I’ve got it wrong. Maybe it’s me. This guy has a good idea…just STFU.

interview with John Francis

“The environmental pilgrim says he took his vow of silence as a gift to his community ‘because, man, I just argued all the time.’ But it may have been Francis who benefited most of all. For the first time, he found he was able to truly listen to other people and the larger world around him, transforming his approach to both personal communication and environmental activism.”

He also says this, which I find resonant:

I don’t know how I’m going to change. I don’t know how it will change me. That’s part of the mystery of walking, is that the destination is inside us and we really don’t know when we arrive until we arrive. One of the biggest epiphanies that I’ve had was that, you know, environmentalists like to look at the industrialists or at the developers and say, “They gotta change. If they would change, everything would be all right.” But really, we all have to do that. We all need to look at ourselves. We need to re-imagine ourselves.

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