finslippy: More about what pisses me off.

Ahhh. I like angry people (who can write):

finslippy: More about what pisses me off. :

“1. Drivers who reluctantly slow down at stop signs and give the pedestrian a testy little wave, as if to say, %u201CI am doing you an enormous favor. Now scurry along before I change my mind and mow you down.%u201D There needs to be a new obscene hand gesture that indicates, %u201CHey, jackass, guess what? I don%u2019t need your permission. Stop signs aren%u2019t optional so don%u2019t act like you%u2019re so very generous and I should be grateful. And you%u2019re a jackass. Jackass.%u201D I must begin work on this gesture immediately. To the laboratory!”

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