Explosions plunge London into chaos from Guardian Unlimited: Newsblog

Are we going to start calling this 7/7?

Explosions plunge London into chaos from Guardian Unlimited: Newsblog:

A series of co-ordinated bomb blasts have hit central London today, at the height of the morning rush hour. The most recent confirmed toll is 33 people killed, although this number is likely to rise. More than 1,000 have been injured.

“0851: First incident between Moorgate and Liverpool St. An explosion hits the train 100 yards from Liverpool St, in the tunnel. There are seven fatalities.
0856: The second blast happens on a tube train between King’s Cross and Russell Square. 21 are confirmed dead.
0917: A third blast, this one at Edgware Road. It was powerful enough to blow a hole into another train, with three trains in all involved. Five dead.
0947: The fourth blast, this time on a bus in Tavistock Place. There are no numbers on fatalities from this attack.There was no warning, and no claims of responsibility yet.
DAC Brian Paddick: ‘This was clearly a callous attack on purely innocent members of public clearly designed to kill and injure members of the public.'”

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