Morgan Spurlock Watch: Why Does Morgan Spurlock Hate Recycling?

From a blog that purports to debate the Spurlock.

Morgan Spurlock Watch: Why Does Morgan Spurlock Hate Recycling?: “Rendering is recycling. In fact, it’s a much more efficient, productive, useful way of recycling than, for example, putting your bottles, cans, and paper in separate bins at the end of the driveway each week. Not only does rendering turn waste into usable consumer products and put fat and protein to new uses, it safely eradicates between 40 and 50 percent of post-slaughter animal waste. It breaks that waste down, kills off pathogens, and puts it to new uses. Were it not for rendering, we’d have twice as many cow, pig, and chicken remains we’d need to find something to do with — likely disposal in a landfill.”

Here’s Morgan Spu8rlock’s blog. The first few posts just make it look like a thinly veiled marketing thingamabob, but I’ll have to dig deeper:

Blog of the Spurlock

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