my turn?

Ok, so maybe I have something real to relate. some nugget of personal wit…about my kid. 🙂

SO, we’re in the car today, driving home from the gym, on the way to the bank and the Blockbuster (and the donut place, Hunter reminds me). We’re drivin, and she says (she being my 4.9 year old daughter), “dad, what are eye boogers?” And, me, unafraid: “They’re dried up mucus from your eyes.” Not sure if they actuall yARE mucus, but it sounds good.

She then says, “You mean like this green thing I just pulled out of my eye?”


It was so funny, i LOL’ed. Truly

I love the net: From Wikipedia:

The hardened mucus that forms in the eyes during sleep is sometimes referred to as “eye boogers”.

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