stupid ass GCI

Ok, so I currently pay my ISP provider $55 a month for the privilege of 1 Mb per second download, and lame upload speed. They are running a promotion now with 3, 5 and 8 Mbps download for roughly the same price as what I am paying now. ($49.99). The new plan also has unlimited downloads.

HOWEVER: if you do not pay GCI for their cable TV, their local phone service AND long distance eservice, you may not purchase this service for ANY price. IF you have what they call “modem only” service (we use satellite TV, thank you very much), you will NEVER have unlimited downloads. They cap you at 20 G. They give you a fraction of the upload speed (the 8 mbps package becomes 3 mbps), AND charge you a “modem” fee. WTF!?

I’m switching to ACS, who will give me unlimited uploads and downloads, at 1 mbps, for the same $55 per month I’m paying now.

stupid GCI. old business model. closed market. yick.

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