Apple Matters | Mac Laptop Market Share Poised to Spike?:

“There’s something big businesses love about working their customers into a frenzy of anticipation. For the business that is college football the recipe is simple: introduce a leather prolate spheroid amid 22 students. The trick works about 12 or 13 times a year. For Apple to generate similar enthusiasm among their fans usually all it takes is a press release noting that a mysterious announcement is coming. As opposed to college football, apparently Apple can only go the mysterious product intro route twice every six weeks. At least that seems to be the case because the anticipation of (and reaction to) yesterdays press event was decidedly muted when compared to the two previous events. The reaction, or lack thereof, is not too surprising. Apple was releasing pro level stuff and, compared the nano and TV shows via iTunes, the speed bumps and screen tweaks were a bit pedestrian. Yet for those people considering a foray into the world of Apple laptops a question probably occurred: Should I jump now or wait for the update with Intel inside?”

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