I was talking to my dad today about Clearwire, wi-max, and unwiring cities, and mentioned that I had read something about one of the close to LA beach cities doing that. Then, opening up MarsEdit, I found a draft of an old blog post:

SoCal surfside town to become America’s first unwired city?

Wifi’s up: L.A. area beach town Hermosa Beach may become the first U.S. city to be unwired by its own municipal government. Totally bitchin’, dude.

Imagine living in a town where you’re able to move your laptop from one place to the next without ever having to log off from cyberspace. You can leave a coffee shop, travel down to the beach and then over to a park, all the while still surfing the Internet, free of charge. Hermosa Beach just might be that city if a proposal led by Mayor Michael Keegan to make the tiny beach community completely wireless comes to fruition. The completed plan would make Hermosa Beach famous as the first Wi-Fi city in the United States.
“If it’s successful, I think it will be a model for the rest of the country,” said Keegan. “It will be the first service that we know of, run entirely by a municipality.” Keegan hopes to formally introduce the proposal to his colleagues on the City Council this month. If the municipality votes to approve the project, the San Diego-based firm, Wireless Facilities Inc., will then install antennae towers in town.

Link, Discuss (via SOCALWUG) [Boing Boing]

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