Every time I see something like this, i realize that I made a good purchase. No, it’s not a dead end tech. Sony has big plans for it, and the world is responding. now, if they’d only up their Mac support.

New TV Series Debuts On Sony PSP: “Source: arm

There is nothing new about a TV series launching, but Memoirs, a bio-series looking at the lives of contemporary music artistes, is unique in that it will debut on the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) before traditional TV channels.

By launching its programming on the ARM powered Sony ’s PSP, the Tokyo based production company Flamingo Features has taken a significant step in changing the way TV programmes are distributed.

‘We believe Sony ’s Play Station Portable will revolutionise the video industry,’ explains Masaharu Kawakami, CEO of Flamingo Features Japan, who predicts the impact on the video industry will be similar to that experienced by the audio industry with the onset of the Apple iPOD .

‘It’s all the excitement of the big screen and the home entertainment system; sized to take anywhere,’ said Memoirs creator and executive producer Austen Tayler, of the Sony PSP, which includes an ARM7 and an ARM9 processor.

The Memoirs series launches in Japan in January 2006. Each programme is 90 minutes long and will be available from the console’s retail chain.

(Via PSP Sony PlayStation Portable – News Updated 24/7.)

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