Dan Dickenson says,


Dan Dickenson says,

Over the last year and a half – the length of time I’ve owned a Sidekick – I’ve found a lot of useful mobile sites. Bloglines Mobile has been a boon for feed reading, and as of late, Flickr Mobile has provided mobile photo viewing. And sure enough, both load plenty quick on the PSP. I was digging through my friends’ photos – always a fun activity – when I noticed a little button I had never pushed before. One I had wanted to push on my Sidekick, but it just didn’t work. Like Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, I had wanted to push this button for so long but I never had reason to.

The button is labeled “UPLOAD”.

I click through, and there’s a little button to pick a file. I click it, incredulously. Sure enough, up pops a pane to let me pick a file – either out of /PSP/COMMON or /PSP/PHOTOS/. Having only my wallpaper in the Photos folder, I select it. I click Submit. A few seconds later, it’s on my Flickr account.

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