The New Monogamy – Marriage With Benefits: “       

The New Monogamy
Until death do us part—except every other Friday.

By Em & Lo

(Photo credit: Phillip Toldeano)
Claire is a pretty, 31-year-old Park Sloper who studies furniture design. Her husband, Alex, is a 32-year-old Web-design consultant with a fondness for floral shirts. He’s the center of attention at a party; she’s the one off to the side, seemingly aloof but really just shy. That’s why she was shocked when, more than a year into their relationship, she was the one who found herself attracted to someone else.

‘I was totally confused, because I’d assumed that once I found ‘the one,’ I would be done with all that,’ says Claire. ‘Going through all this was hard for us as a couple.’ “

(Via NewYorkMetro.)

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