Rolling Tiger’s Mail back to Panther

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Rolling Tiger’s Mail back to Panther: “

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On occasion we’ve noticed that not everyone is happy with Tiger. Some people have issues with warm PowerBooks, others just don’t see the benefit to the hot new features. Fair enough – but what if you’re a Mail user? Apple changed the way Mail stores mailboxes and messages with Tiger, and unless your accounts are all IMAP and you’re up for re-downloading everything, moving back to Panther’s Mail can result in some painful headaches.

Fortunately, Hawk Wings tracked down a thread at Apple’s discussion boards that produced a few solutions. The first is a dedicated freeware mailbox converter, the second is an archive script that’s part of Mail Scripts, a whole set of handy add-on scripts for Mail which I know we’ve blogged here before, but I can’t find the entry.

Hopefully, these solutions can help you out if Mail was the last piece in your plan for moving back to Panther.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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