Game Cube LAN online thingy

: “What games can I play online with my Nintendo GameCube?
In order to play online with the Nintendo GameCube, you firstly need a game that will support network play.

Currently, the only “true” online games that have been released for the Nintendo gamecube are the Phantasy Star Online games. These also are the only games that will support both the Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapater and the Nintendo GameCube Modem Adapter. This is primarily true because all responsibility of hosting and supporting the Phantasy Star Online games is Sega, and they have chosen to run these games as an MMORPG, which implies an additional monthly fee to gain access to their servers and online component.

However, for those that have a game that supports a LAN mode for play, there is an alternative to allow you to play against others online, thanks to Warp Pipe!”

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