EvolutionTV Beta Support for iPod/PSP


EvolutionTV Beta Support for iPod/PSP: “

PSP Fanboy has posted some information regarding Miglia’s EvolutionTV Beta.

Their new software compresses live television in real-time, which means no more waiting for boring old progress meters to finish up. If you’re not a Mac owner, however, you’re out of luck since this only works for those in the service of Steve and his white-clad minions. If you’re a Macphile on the other hand, prepare to simplify your life.

On the official site they say this about their beta test:

EvolutionTV 2.6 Public Beta One

EvolutionTV 2.6 adds real-time iPod Video and Sony PSP compression options to EvolutionTV. The video and audio architechture has been redesigned as well.

Please submit any feedback on the Public Beta One to support@miglia.com

You can download the Public Beta One here.

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(Via Portable Gaming Revolution.)

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