Thumbdrive Car FM Stereo Transmitter: $36.95

Thumbdrive Car FM Stereo Transmitter: $36.95: ”
Product Description

Note: Due to high demand, this model is out of stock. Check out the comparable Car Audio FM Stereo Transmiter/Thumbdrive MP3 Player.
Take any average USB Flashdrive (aka thumbdrive) and turn it into an in-car mp3 player. Simply insert the USB flash-drive into the FM transmitter which features buttons for play/pause, previous track, next track, and FM channel.

Unlike other FM transmitters, it plugs straight into the car’s cigarette lighter/DC power outlet so no device power is used. The USB port even doubles as a charger for any USB device such as the ipod. Ipod and itrip (the leading ipod FM transmitter) users will agree that the itrip sucks ipod power rapidly. This device will charge your”

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