parent hacks: TiVo taught my kid to read

It didn’t TEACH her, but she got the whole, “D-O-R-A = my show.” And the listings are things I can control, as a parent. YAY.

parent hacks: TiVo taught my kid to read:

“TiVo is the biggest and best family TV hack there is. We’re no longer hostage to program listings or broadcast times. When the kids have 30 minutes to watch TV, there are always at least three or four parent-approved options from which to choose, including more than one episode of their favorites. We zoom past all commercials, when there are any. The only live TV the kids can browse is rated G (everything else requires a secret code). No need for channel-flipping: TiVo is the gateway to all TV-watching, and we all like it that way.”

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