TiVo KidZone

I’m really not one for censorship, but after my wife found my kids watching Drawn Together, a wholly wrong and hilarious adult oriented cartoon, i’m all for tivo’s new parental controls. i’ll have to see if it locks them out of things I want them to watch, or lets them see stuff i don’t want them to see, but it’s a positive step.

TiVo KidZone: “

KidzonelogoTiVo has announced a new parental control feature called KidZone, standard for those with TiVo Series2 recorders starting June 2006. KidZone will do two things: it will simplify selecting family-friendly shows for kids to watch, and it will password lock all non-KidZone programming, so kids can’t watch non-approved shows. GearLive has more detail about KidZone, and Thomas Hawk has plenty to say about it as well.

DirecTV/TiVo users (of which there are over 2 million, one of them being me) are out of luck; KidZone won’t be available on DirecTV boxes.

(Via Parent Hacks.)

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