Atkins Alcohol Carb Chart – Low Carb

Ok, then. Vodka and Whiskey shots all around. And, to get REALLY wacky and indulgent: a dry martini.


Atkins Alcohol Carb Chart – Low Carb: “

The carb counts given here are effective carb counts, with the fiber removed. All amounts here are for a 1oz shot, except as indicated.

Armagnac – 0g

Beer (12oz) – 12.5g

Bourbon – 0g

Brandy – 0g

Cognac – 0g

Gin – 0g

Rum – 0g

Rum, Malibu – 5.1g

Tequila – 0g

Vermouth, Dry – 1.4g

Vermouth, Sweet – 4.5g

Vodka – 0g

Whiskey – 0g

Wine, Red (4oz) – 2.0g

Wine, White (4oz) – 0.9g

Note that there are of course mixed drinks that involve fruit juices, sugars, and other sweet concoctions. If you start mixing in sodas or juices for a cocktail, you’re racking up the carbs very quickly. Use a diet soda whenever possible!”/p>

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