GameSpy: The Nintendo DS Lite

Man, I am a sucker for this kind of thing. With the original DS going for $110 (used) here in Anchorage, I may have to get one of these babies. With the DS Lite, it looks like the screen is better and the size is smaller-ish. And it will play all the GBA games we have. Man, I’m so in trouble. I KNOW I have a PSP, and it’s great as a media device and as a game platform, but I hate having to pay so much for new games. And I am sad about the lack of simple games for my kids. I’ll never let go of my PSP (until they make a better version), but I may want to upgrade the GBAs in our house to a DS or Lite.

GameSpy: The Nintendo DS Lite:

“The first thing that struck me about the system is that now it looks more like an Apple product, and less like a clunky plastic toy. The choice of white color and the clear plastic casing that surrounds the entire machine is very reminiscent of Apple’s iPod gadgets; which perhaps was the impetus at some level. The DS Lite isn’t that much smaller than the regular DS, but it is thinner and sleeker, making it the more obvious choice for fitting in gamer’s pockets over the original model. (We’re still waiting on Nintendo to officially release final size specifications.) “

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