Alright! OK! I GIVE! UP! I will now commence blog…

Alright! OK! I GIVE! UP!

I will now commence blog writing in a more consistent manner. I will, i promise. I did look, though, on my Tribe profile and realize that I have 4 different places to put stuff. There’s:

1)Squifnet – kind of my external cortex, started before existed
2) – has become my link-a-riffic repository (sounds vaguley scatalogical, yeah?)
3)YATB – Yet Another Tribe Blog – used mainly to deal with specific “personal” writing, that pops up on all my tribe friends’ home pages.
4) RoBlog – started, yeah, you guessed it, in 2001 (good, Math User!)

I think I’m starting this up again because I don’t want Tribe to Pwn my stuff. I’ve put it in my tribe profile for sure, but less people will write and/or comment. Can you even COMMENT on blogger? I don’t think so.

But I have been inspired by a long plane trip (i’m in the middle of it now) and a good read of Mimi Smartypant’s book, based on her hilariously good blog of the same name.Now, i don’t plan to have a book made, but it’s time iI start sharing myself out loud. I dont’ really like to talk much out loud, since people tend to, you know…interrupt wiht their own thoughts, ideas, blah blah — so i’m gonna write here for myself, but you can read it if you want, too.

[interruption]i’m sitting against a wall in chicago ohare airport, and I look up , and this really thin, blonde coiffed woman (i say quaffed because she had obviously paid some money for the ‘do) walked by. She’s dressed in pink pants and a white shirt, adding to her otherworld chic. She was pulling a rolly cart luggage thingy behind her with one hand, and a flippy cell phone in the other hand, held out in front of her, like someone who needs glasses holds a book in front of them. I took time out of my busy blogging moment to just stare at her as she walked by. She totally did NOT notice, she was immersed in her phone. fascinating [/interruption]

Ok, some rules

a – i will not spell check or capitalize if i don’t feel like it. deal with it. i may use apostrophes inappropriately. it’s ok
b – i will probably alternate between curmudgeonly, hermit-like angst and level headed, “please like me” back assery. that’s just me.
c – many things i say will make no sense. like back assery, for example. get over yourself. i will talk like the odd amalgamation of experiences and heavy drug use that has made me the man i am today, thank you very much.

so, ta for now.

oh, yeah — i will write in this every day. i hope. if not every day, then most days a week. yeah, that’s it.

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