every day

Yeah, ummm. right. OK, it’s been more than a day. It’ll be allright, I promise.

Today I’m sitting at work, feeling pretty caught up after being gone for a week. i head out to Yakutat on Wednesday, and I’m scheduling a trip to Barrow in April. Which is cool, since I haven’t been to Barrow.

So, what shall I blog about today? My work? Ick. Too boring. Why bother? Not a huge happiness for work right now, anyway. And not a big fan of the “bitch session” kind of blog, anyway. It gets old, fast.

Lessee. Hmm.

I wanted to drink water today. To remember to hydrate. But, I left my big gym bottle at home (big as in too big for the treadmills at the gym big), so iI grabbed a bottle of water from the vending machine. buying. water. is. lame. especially up here in anchorage. Water in los angeles was ok, pretty chemically, but up here, it’s like spring glacier water or whatnot.

i bought the bottle so I could have a cap. i could have grabbed a paper cup from the cupboard in the staff lunch room, but that seems wasteful, and it could spill. So I bought the water bottle. It’s a teeny tiny 12 ounce bottle of water for a dollar. What’s up with that? A 12 ounce can of soda costs a dollar. Why does a little plastic bottle of what is in the tap cost a dollar? I dunno. Probably because idiots like me will buy it.

The thing is, I have to keep getting up to refill it. That’s ok, since it’s good to move from the desk now and then, but I’m realizing that 12 ounces is NOT ALOT OF WATER. And it cost me a dollar. Did I mention that?

Boy, wasn’t THAT interesting. I think I should blog about dumb ass stuff like THAT for the rest of my life. Ugh. Be right back, gotta fill this up again.

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