The Elders…

So, against our better judgement, we went to the Royal Fork this weekend for some food. We thought it might have lots of meat, being a Royal Fork and all – that being my prime requisite for an Atkin’s type of meal. Alas, it was mostly carbs, some carbs, and more carbs. Plus some sugar. I did get to have a nice salad with eggs on it, and a chicken breast. Also, as an added bonus, some pudding sweetened with Splenda, which rocked my world (if you like sugar or pudding, don’t eat it. If you haven’t had either for a while, the sugar-free pudding rocked).

So, we’re sitting there, and my kids are eating their mac n cheese plus carrots (the food. is. all. orange.), and my daughter points behind us and says., “Look, there’s elders.”

And I remember at this point my wife telling me about how my daughter had pointed at an older person in a store once and said, “Look, mommy, that person is OLD.” And my wife helpe our daughter understand that it’s nicer to talk about elder people with respect, so we’re going to start calling all the oldsters “elders.” Which is nice, in a way.

So, Hunter’s sitting there, explaining how it’s so much nicer to call old people elders, and I’m nodding, and smiling and being all PC (politically correct, not personal computer) and serious.

A couple of minutes later an older couple sits down behind us, and smiles at the kids. Hunter duly takes note of them

A couple of minutes LATER, and Hunter says in a stage whisper, “The elders…are eating…jello!”

My wife and I burst into laughter, which continued well into the tears range. And now, all we need to do is whisper, “the elders…are eating…jello!” and we’ll reduce eachother to the giggles. Which is nice, in a way.

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