we had some friends over yesterday. more like intentional family, really. some closer, some less close, but all part of our tribe. i say tribe as a way to say tribe.net, where we met most of these locals, and as a way to say “people we like to hang out with.”

some people stayed away, and that’s their thing. i was saddened by one of the absences, but that’s her choice, and i’m not in good enough communication with her to know for real why she didn’t come. we missed her, but (again) she’s a grown up and can choose her own choices.

kids had a blast. hunter woke up at 6:30 am on sunday, and came up to our room, loudly whispering about the easter bunny coming, and how she found these eggs (placing them on the nightstand as incontrovertible proof of the bunny’s existence), and c’mon, little brother, it’s time to get! more! eggs!

spencer was as tired as we were, and he groaned and whined and rolled around, stretching. but he got into the mood quickly when we taunted him with “there’s candy! out there!” soon he and his sister were tear-assing around the house, finding eggs that we had colored and that the easter bunny had hidden. fun!

there were also presents from mom & dad and grandparents. my mother actually forgot some of the clothing she sent for hunter, so when hunter called to thank her, my mom siad, no, those are from your OTHER grandmother, and it was all confusing. 🙂 no, mom, YOU sent em, and that’s how we like it.

so, we had the intentional family over for easter dinner, which was also the festive meal of passover. a friend of ours who i also work with brought her seder plate and the passover books she had made. also, some herring and gefeltefish gefilte fish. yum. i guess.

it was good to have people over who were comfortable with each other. the vibe was mellow, not snarky at all, open, and fun. we had people over that we don’t typically see at tribe parties, and some that we do. it was a nice group, without being all hippy and sweet about it.

and that’s about it for now. color this the most boring blog entry yet. but still. it was nice.

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