at the health fair

I’m hanging out at the fairbanks health fair today, representing a resource center I work for. and i’m really enjoying it. the people are nice, the organizers are…well…organized, and all is smooth.

there’s a diabetes booth across the way from my booth, and i stopped by to say hello and ask her opinion on atkins. she was pretty supportive of it, and said that the diabetes community really tries to help people with the disease limit their carb intake. She gave me some software, and meal planners, and little magazines, and such. and a free blood sugar monitor, which i even TINIER than the one I have at home. It’s CUTE, and it has a data cable so you can connect it up to your computer (probably PC only, ick).

Free shit is fun, but it’s even more fun to get it because you have some medical issue. it’s like a bonus for being insulin resistant. Also, it was for being nice and social. Yay social skills.

on my own booth, i really got to connect with a variety of people that really wanted and needed the information we provide. it’s a good feeling to know that the stuff I bring, and the center i represent mean something important to people. we serve the entire state, even the larger communities, with what we do, and it’s free of charge to the people we provide it to. We provide information, referral and training on a specific disability. It’s gratifying to talk to parents with kids who have this disability, and be able to tell them they’re not alone, and there is hope, and things can always be better.

plus, the health fair community is so nice. the exhibitors are friendly, the people there aren’t unhappy like some teachers I work with in isolated villages. It’s a good change, and reminds me that we do good work.

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