Techdirt: Shocker — Kids Get Around Web Filters

I’ve been saying this for years, in one way or another. Locking shit down does NOT make it safer, nor does it keep kids out of things. They’re SMARTER than we give them credit for. Try and remember back to when you were one of them, you loser.

Techdirt: Shocker — Kids Get Around Web Filters: “Shocker — Kids Get Around Web Filters

Following last week’s Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, apparently today is Obvious Wednesday. First, the news that gee, internet users really do use the internet, and now has an article with the breaking news that kids can figure out how to circumvent web filters their schools use to try to keep them from accessing undesirable sites. The only surprise here is that the reporter seems surprised. What’s next? Kids sneaking into R-rated movies? Hiding Playboys under the bed? It’s been proven time and time again that filters don’t work — so, again, why not use the time and resources spent on these filters and tracking kids’ ways around them on teaching critical thinking and good judgment instead?”

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