i wanna be like mimi

How cool is this lady? I want to parent like her, and remember that the first fear instinct of a parent isn’t always the way to go:

mimi smartypants


Yesterday we walked to the playground and found it to be swarming with skateboarders. Nora stopped in her tracks at the sight and that was the end of any playground activity. Skateboarding was suddenly all she had ever wanted to do in her life. Danger! Wheels! Tricks!

Nora: What are they doing?
Me: They’re skateboarding.
Nora: Can I do the skateboard?
Me: Maybe when you’re bigger. Hey, let’s go on the swings.
Nora [ignoring me]: What is he doing now?
Me: Looks like an ollie kickflip.
Nora [whispering reverently]: Ollie…kick…flip…
Me: Oh good lord.

So we stood and watched the skateboarders for a time, and Nora kept inching ever closer to the action. Let’s stand here Mommy, I want to see. Fine. One of the kids says hi, and I say, ‘You’ve got an audience, because I think she wants a deck real bad.’ He says, ‘She can try if she wants,’ and offers Nora his board, and I am all about to say oh no no, she’s too little, we will just watch, and then I see Nora’s huge eyes and think wait, what the hell kind of message am I sending? My kid will not be some lame-o Betty standing on the sidelines while the boys practice their bean plants and fakie tail grabs. So we each held her hands while she rolled along, and all the way home she would not shut up about it, and now I wish the Tony Hawk videos would have interludes of sight word reading or counting in Spanish so I could pretend they were educational”

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