it doesn’t HAVE to be…

…deep and/or meaningful, does it?

Sometimes, it’s just nice to let it all wash by like a calm, flowing river. To let the current of life bring interesting things and people by my view, allowing me to either dip my toes in or dive in, as is my whim.

Sometimes, it’s good to listen, and not to speak. To support, and not to criticize. To join, rather than find the difference. We’re all different, we’re all freaks, and we just need to deal.

I read a great blog today where the guy (metrodad, a daddy blogger) did his spin on the 6 things about me meme that’s around the intarwebs. He did 6 embarrassing things about him, and I was just struck by his honesty and directness. It wasn’t that I related to everything he said, but that I wanted to be able to be that comfortable saying goofy things, like, I hate it when long sleeve shirts touch my wrists. Because that’s just not a big deal, all of us have weirdnesses. All of us have one or more things that many others of us would say, “dude. that’s odd.”

I don’t really know where to “go” with this, but in the spirit of this post, I will just let it be.


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