Stopdesign | Google Calendar tips

Great article with tons of useful info on using gCal. Here’s just one:

Stopdesign | Google Calendar tips

“Get daily agenda via a text message

Someone discovered this by replying help to the SMS short code that event reminders were coming from. Once your mobile phone number is validated by Calendar, you can request a daily agenda whenever you need it by texting the message day to 48368. Immediately after sending, you’ll receive a text message with your agenda of events for that day. Each event includes name, time, and location information (if location exists for that event). I like that I can ping Google Calendar whenever I want, no matter where I am. I also like that it’s by request, since I wouldn’t do this very often, and I don’t want my agenda automatically sent to my phone every day. More details on other SMS tricks here. This person uses the letters GVENT to remember the Google Calendar’s SMS short code. Note: Currently supported only in the U.S. Note 2: It appears the agenda sent only includes events on calendars grouped under your ‘My Calendars’ list, and excludes events on your ‘Other Calendars’, which makes sense to me.”

(Via LifeHacker.)

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