it’s the new productive!

I have a bunch of things I should be doing. I should be finishing my Photoshop class assignments. I should be recording a podcast. i should be trying and reviewing a new piece of software for the user group. I should be writing reports at work that need to be done by friday.

but i’m not doing any of those things. at home, i find it more interesting to clean the kitchen. i find it more fun to play Zelda Wind Waker. I play with the kiddos and really engage them while I put them to bed. i ignore the podcast and the assignments and the review. and the cleaning of the office (ugh).

At work, i’m cleaning the office, data shredding computers, packing up things and helping arrange stuff in the new office instead of report writing. I’m even slacking to write this here blog entry.

i felt really motivated while in Barrow to do some spring cleaning, but I just haven’t had the motivation to actually DO it, now that I’m home. I thought I’d get right! on! these! reports! But man, it’s just hard to get started. I know I can finish them fairly quickly. I know it, but I’m not starting them. eesh.

well, it’s time to go to the gym and work out for lunch break. ttyl


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