NYT finally notices Colbert’s White House gig

Yes, Virginia, it actually happened. 🙂

NYT finally notices Colbert’s White House gig:

Cory Doctorow:
Well, it only took four days, but the NYT finally noticed that Stephen Colbert delivered a ground-breaking, witheringly sarcastic attack on the President and the press at the White House Correspondants’ dinner.

Mary Matalin, a Republican who has served the Bush White House as assistant to the president and counselor to the vice president, had a different take.

‘This was predictable, Bush-bashing kind of humor,’ Ms. Matalin, who was there, said in an interview. Of Mr. Colbert, she said, ‘Because he is who he is, and everyone likes him, I think this room thought he was going to be more sophisticated and creative.’

Mr. Colbert declined through a ‘Colbert Report’ spokeswoman to comment yesterday. Similarly, another Colbert target, Mr. Bush’s spokesman, Scott McClellan, said he had no comment, including on reports that Mr. Bush had appeared irritated by the end of Mr. Colbert’s speech.


(Thanks, Pablo!)

(Via Boing Boing.)

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