Getting To Done: Spring clean-out

Good article. I’ve clipped out most of the content, so go read it on LifeHacker

Getting To Done: Spring clean-out: ”

by Keith Robinson

Spring is in full swing and while new grass pokes up through the ground, you’re switching out your sweaters for T-shirts and changing the window dressing in that annual ritual called spring cleaning.

But cleaning isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to get rid of some stuff. A year ago this week I came up with something I call ‘The Tao of Delete’. While I try and practice it all year long, this time of year is perfect to get started on clearing out stuff you no longer need.

Today I’ve got four different ways for you to move out unneeded stuff and make room for new.

Donate or sell it!

Recycle it!

Trash it!

Store it!

D. Keith Robinson is an associate editor of Lifehacker. His special feature Getting To Done appears every Monday on Lifehacker.

(Via Lifehacker.)

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