idea for an innovative videogame

I’ve been thinking about how cool all this wifi and online gaming is. But with few exceptions, we find ways to all get together in a typical videogame world, and either shoot monsters, or shoot each other. What if we actually had an innovative game.

I was reading a great book before bed last night, and the author’s description of a space battle was breathtaking. The amount of cooperation the people on the “bridge” had to make happen was nothing short of miraculous.

Where is the game that lets you play a PART of an epic space battle, or a PART of a WWII submarine or battleship crew. What if we hooked up all those parts into one big wifi connected video game, so that instead of joining a raiding party to go kill a big dragon, you’re actually in a big battle, doing your part to fight another big connected team doing THEIR part to fight a battle. What if your score was based on how WELL you played your part, how realistically you carried out your plan? What if you got to be captain, or admiral, or whatever coveted role, because of how well you played with the team? Or, instead of different races (like in World of Warcrack), you had different specializations.

What if you got to play with a large team of 6 – 8 people as the crew of the Enterprise, or a Empire Battle cruiser. We have all these real life analogues of team activities, yet all our videogames are based on the individual, the hero, the one person who can get through the lines. Are we really all blind to the fact that most large undertakings require a huge amount of team work, and multiple person support?

It just seems that it would be a LOT of fun to play a game that you had to work as a team in, rather than as a bunch of individuals. Especially if it were in space. 😉

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