love is chemicals

5.8.06: There is Chemistry Between Them: “Recent research and discoveries connecting chemistry and love:

Yes, Always. Prairie voles are monogamous and meadow voles are not. However, by injecting meadow voles with a virus that ‘carries’ the prairie vole gene to the meadow vole’s brain, the meadow vole becomes monogamous. Ladies, take note.
But vice versa — if prairie voles are given drugs that block their vasopressin receptors they become as promiscuous as their meadow cousins. Dudes!

Trust Me. Oxytocin is a chemical intimately related to emotions and sex. Its levels rise after orgasm in women, during arousal in men (note the timing difference) and the levels rise even from touching and massage (Kevin Costner, read on.) Oxytocin also boosts trust. Given a whiff of oxytocin spray, hypothetical ‘investors’ would hand over all their money to anonymous ‘trustees’ with no guarantee of return. Kenneth Lay, please hand over your aerosol can.”

(Via David Byrne Journal.)

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