Radio 1’s One Big Second Life Weekend

Alice sends us to Secondlife In game BBC Radio weekend. there should be some great live music going on, that you can listen to in game. Cool stuff!!

Radio 1’s One Big Second Life Weekend: “


While E3 rages on over Stateside, here in the UK it’s wellies and arm-waving in the Dundee sunshine: Radio 1’s One Big Weekend, all weekend, all free, all festival fabulous: starting tomorrow. And if you’re nowhere near Dundee or didn’t get a ticket, you can still join in, because the Radio 1 team have only gone and built a virtual festival in the also-free Second Life:

Every virtual festival-goer will get a wee digital radio to take away with them, which will broadcast Radio 1′ in-game, wherever you are. There’s also, I hear, these Radio 1 teeshirts for your avatars. And dancing. And a chance that you could appear on-screen at the actual festival – the jumbotrons may or may not take screengrabs of the in-game festivalgoers.

If you’re in there, say hi! Just load up SL, search for Radio 1, and head over – but not now, because it opens tomorrow morning, GMT. Or IM me, and I’ll teleport you there: Crystaltips Pavlova.

(Via Wonderland.)

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