my brush with (net)fame

snapshot_sml.jpgLookit me! I’m dancing with Alice!

That’s the amazing blog Wonderland‘s Alice, in case you didn’t know. I went to the virtual BBC Radio 1 concert on Saturday for a brief moment, and met up with her. We danced. It was fun. I felt all “star vibed.”

It’s still on today, so go check it out.

snap2.jpgI ended up staying a bit today, and listening to Franz! Ferdinand! I was dancing, and shouting lyrics, and it was like being at a concert! I was making breakfast, running around the house and cleaning, and coming back to the computer to take part. I think I’m “getting” the whole Second LIfe thing. When I checked it out first, several years ago, it was still in beta. I thought it had potential, but not quite ready for prime time.

But now, with media creators like the BBC planning “simulcasts” in Second Life, and book signings, and tons of things you’d usually have to go to in “real life” to do, I’m seeing the real potential. This is the ‘Net we envisioned back in the 90’s, like in Stephenson’s SnowCrash. Like in Gibson’s world, where you jacked in and had everything visual.

But it’s also not that. It’s a meeting space, it’s a social space, it’s a playful place. It’s also a place people make money, and a place people spend quite a bit of time. It’s fascinating, and I think I’ll be hanging around there off an on a bit more in the days to come.

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