mimi smartypants

mimi smartypants:

“Nora has this huge playground ball, really more the size of a stability/exercise ball. The other day she put it on the toilet, where it was quite a sight for me when I walked into the bathroom and found this multicolored 20-inch orb rising out of the bowl.

Me: Wow, what’s this?

Nora: I’m pretending that’s poop.

Me: It’s huge!

Nora: A huge piece of poop. A gargantuan piece of poop. I’m sorry, but it will not go down with the flusher.

Me: Who pooped this huge poop? Was it you?

Nora: No. I don’t know who did it, because I wasn’t there.

Me: I guess it will just be a mystery then.

Nora: Maybe it was a wild boar.

This child is so weird sometimes. A wild boar? You are pretending that a wild boar broke into the house and took a beach-ball-sized dump in our toilet? Okay.”

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