DS Lite Arrives!

I love Unpacking Porn on the web. in fact, i was guilty of it with my snowball iMac a few years ago. Now, this time, it’s my new DS Lite, fresh from Hong Kong, and a >2 week wait. First, you gotta see the cool Hong Kong post package.
Tied with STRING! How cool is that. It’s got that foreign smell, too, which makes it pretty luscious. Don’t forget to check out them stamps!

Here’s the box itself, with blue DS Lite goodness. I hope there isn’t a bunch of rocks inside.

OMG! It’s for real! It’s here, it’s blue, and all the manuals! are! in! japanese! How cool is that!? The adapter is good for BOTH JPN/USA, so I’m stoked. Man, now I have to open it up!
I may even put the little hand strap on this one, since it’s a Nintendo product; it’s suPPOSED to be cute.

So far, so damn good, except the first screen is japanese. i gotta figure out how to make it english.

I just did the setup, but not very well, I don’t think. I’ll have to do some net searching to figure out how to turn this to English. i can see a picture of how to do so in the manual, but it’s in ….Japanese. 😉
UPDATE: Found a link to an english manual, figured out how to change the settings. OOOOH it’s nice. More on impressions in the next post.

See you all later, enjoy the pics!

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