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The Lester Bangs of Video Games

Esquire:Feature Story:The Lester Bangs of Video Games: “There are still people in America who do not take video games seriously. These are the same people who question the relevance of hip-hop and assume newspapers will still exist in twenty-five years. It’s hard to find an irrefutably accurate statistic for the economic value of the video-game […]

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Quicksilver cheatsheet and user manual

Quicksilver cheatsheet and user manual: Whenever we post about Quicksilver the comments soon start filling with people asking, ‘What’s so great about Quicksilver,’ or ‘How do I use this crazy program?’ A Quicksilver user has taken it upon himself to write up some documentation for this rather inscrutable program and he is making it freely […]

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trading gameses

Used video game stores screwing the little guy?: “ Opposable Thumbs looks into the high margin world of used video game sales at local retailers. From the article: ‘The only place that margin can be improved in [retail game stores] is through used games, so of course the stores give the least possible amount for […]

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upper, lower, capitals

Apparently, Back when type was made out of individual metal letters, it was organized in two separate wooden cases. You guessed it! At the printer, where a page was set one letter at a time, capital letters were stored in the “upper case,” and the small letters were kept in the one underneath, called the […]

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Wish I had this info last night. 🙂 I’m staying in a dog/cat/bird house and my allergies hit full swing. It’s been a long time since I felt that allergic. Amazing. Unstuff your sinuses with acupressure Allergy season is in full swing, along with the always fun spring and summer head colds. Instead of reaching […]

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