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Damn, this list makes me want to install ubuntu on my iMac. Can I do that without killing my iMac’s OS X partition…I’ll let you know.

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Monday, June 26, 2006
Essentials, 2006 edition
Now that I’ve completed my move to Linux (sorry Mac fanboys, the install was flawless and everything worked out of the box), someone emailed me to suggest that I update my essential software list. So here you go.

Ubuntu, which is an ancient African word meaning ‘can’t install Debian’.
GNU Emacs, for people who think that the main problem with XEmacs is that it’s too user friendly. (I kid, I kid. Also, I enabled the universe repository and installed apt-get install emacs-snapshot-gtk, which has normal menus and dialogs and stuff.)
Mozilla Firefox + Adblock Plus + Adblock Filterset.G.Updater + All-In-One Sidebar + Book Burro + CustomizeGoogle + del.icio.us + FireBug + ForecastFox + Gmail Notifier + Greasemonkey + keyconfig + Menu Editor + NextPlease + NoScript + PDF Download + Tab Mix Plus + Web Developer. Damn it, why is Firefox taking 600 MB?
GAIM + Guifi”

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