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ChezLark » Blog Archive » A Senator describes the Internet: “My favorite part is when he says that his staff ‘sent him an internet’. I would like someone to send me an Internet, please.

Hopefully my words make it through the series of tubes to you on your own private internet OK despite the fact that it might get tangled up with the people massively invading the tubes as though they were a truck.

But seriously, if you listen to Stevens’ speech, incoherent as it is, he appears to be echoing the anti-Neutrality companies’ argument that it’s unfair to legislatively prevent companies from charging more for money for more bandwidth. That’s the ‘No one can charge anyone for massively invading this world of the internet’ line.

This is a red herring, of course. You already pay more today for more bandwidth. Companies like Amazon and YouTube pay huge amounts of money for the bandwidth they use, which is only fair, and is not what Net Neutrality is about. Net Neutrality isn’t even about whether ISPs can charge end users more money for more bandwidth, which of course is also only fair.

Net Neutrality is about forbidding an ISP who has a business relationship with, say, Barnes and Noble, to charge Amazon punitive rates just for the privilege of reaching the ISP’s customers. Customers who, it should be emphasized, have paid for access to the Internet just like everyone else. There’s no good reason why ISPs should be able to throttle traffic selectively, based on their own interests, and that’s what Net Neutrality aims to prohibit.”

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