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links for 2006-09-01

The Online School of Design ILU: Color Calculator (tags: sessions color online calculatro) Wifi camera I dunno, but this is really cool. I like the visualization of wifi. (tags: wifi visual camera wasabe cans)

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links for 2006-08-31

theory.isthereason » From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links (tags: wordpress links blog blogging how-to)

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Song List for Alpenglow Gig

In no particular order… The Girl Is Mine – McCartney/Jackson Running Down A Dream – Petty Joey – Concrete Blonde I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick Ain’t No Sunshine – Withers Behind Blue Eyes – Who Blue – Lucinda Williams Break Down – Petty Feels like rain – Hiatt Gone – Hiatt […]

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BSG webisodes

Gotta gotta gotta get these. They’re whetting my BSG appetite for addiction. Battlestar Galactica webisodes: “ I’m at the World Sci-Fi Convention, and the Battlestar Galactica team are onstage. Ron D. Moore has just announced that they’ll be airing posting a series of 10 webisodes – written by the main team – in the run […]

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US stamps

OMFG I want some. And then I want some more so I can use some on letters, and keep the rest. US stamps: “ Originally uploaded by Crys. The latest from the USPO. Aren’t they gorgeous? Worth writing a letter for, that, although my handwriting is becoming more and more illegible the longer I use […]

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Charlie’s Diary: Two Minute Hate

It’s all so really the same, innit? Charlie’s Diary: Two Minute Hate: “Ah. So the details of last week’s horrendous ‘worse than 9/11’ conspiracy are now coming out piecemeal. It appears that none of the conspirators had assembled any bombs or bought plane tickets. Several of them didn’t even have passports, making it rather unlikely […]

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Boing Boing: Only traitors try to make us afraid of terrorists

Tell it, Cory: Boing Boing: Only traitors try to make us afraid of terrorists The bottom line is, terrorism doesn’t kill many people. Even in Israel, you’re four times more likely to die in a car wreck than as a result of a terrorist attack. In the USA, you need to be more worried about […]

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