Charlie’s Diary: Two Minute Hate

It’s all so really the same, innit?

Charlie’s Diary: Two Minute Hate:

“Ah. So the details of last week’s horrendous ‘worse than 9/11’ conspiracy are now coming out piecemeal.

It appears that none of the conspirators had assembled any bombs or bought plane tickets. Several of them didn’t even have passports, making it rather unlikely that they’d be able to smuggle an imaginary bomb onto an imaginary flight.

And they’d been under surveillance for up to a year before the sudden arrests, prompted by the confession of one man who ‘broke under interrogation’ in Pakistan, a country notorious for torturing confessions out of prisoners.

(This rubbish is used as the basis for mass arrests and a huge security clampdown that results in close to 30% of all commercial flights in/out of British airports being cancelled for a week.)

Meanwhile, our glorious Home Secretary, John Reid, is saying ‘people don’t get it’ and that he’s going to introduce a new anti-terrorism bill into parliament in the next session.

I’m afraid some of us do ‘get it’. And we’re not impressed.”

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