don’t argue, eat less, walk a lot

1. Keep away from smoking. The most important general tip. We have all heard the many reasons not to smoke and to stay away from others’ smoke.

2. Keep the weight down. Leanness is high on the list because fat cells have several bad effects – weight, hardening of the arteries and a propensity to cause type 2 diabetes.

3. Take supplements. Particularly alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine. These boost the energy output.

4. Skip a meal each day or fast a day each week. Eating less food appears to reduce tissue wear and tear from excess blood sugar, inflammation and free radicals. Drink plenty of water to replace the meal.

5. Get a pet. Pet owners tend to visit the doctor less, survive longer even after a heart attack, and suffer less from depression and high blood pressure.

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