you can be old and like video games

I was lying in bed, playing some Super Mario Bros on my DS Lite the other night, and my wife looks over at me and says, “Are you gonna be doing that when you’re 70?” As if old people can’t be interested in video-games. What the hell? Check out Grandma Hardcore here:

Who could have anticipated that they’d be sending a 70 year-old ringer into Nintendo’s Coolest Grandparent of the Year competition, huh? Barbara St. Hilaire, better known to the gaming community as Old Grandma Hardcore, took the top honors in the contest, held on Grandparents’ Day at the Nintendo World Store in New York. Contestants battled in Brain Age, and OGH took home two DS Lites and ten new games after vanquishing the competition. Since she already owns both a Phat and a DS Lite, we wonder if she’ll pass the booty on to one or two of her 13 grandchildren.

From her blog, OGH certainly seems like the coolest grandparent around, so we approve. In fact, we’d like to steal her to be the official DS Fanboy Grandma, but we’re afraid she’d kill every time we break out Mario Kart.

(Via DS Fanboy.)

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