taking back tribe? sweet.

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On January 19th, 2006 tribe.net changed its layout and user interface (UI). The management of tribe.net claimed that they received approximately 40% positive feedback during a small beta phase with 3000 users (a relatively small percentage of their user base). A large and outspoken group of current members of tribe have repeatedly expressed that the new design, layout, and overall feel of the new website go against many of their original reasons for joining the site. Tribe’s original “grassroots” approach to member-based forum monitoring and the focus of many tribe.net participants on alternative lifestyles and the arts was appealing to those who found other sites like MySpace or Friendster to be rather broad-based and commercial.

On August 31, 2006, former CEO Mark Pincus announced that he was “taking back tribe.” He did this through a public listing on the site.

Tribe.net has repeatedly stated that they have no intention of reverting to the previous look or interface of the site. However on September 21 2006 Tribe posted an announcement on their website that the revised interface was suspended in favor of an easier and more customizable user interface. One of the splash pages showed the website’s logo dripping blood, and declared that the employee designers were taking over the site now that the stuffy CEO was no longer with the company.

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