losing the tv/tivo/satellite

Now PlayingBeen thinking today about dumping the satellite and tivo combination that has been my fun for the last couple of years. Reasons:

1- the satellite isn’t working well at the new place. It could be due to bad weather, bad placement, or whatever.
2 – we really only watch 4 shows each week. Kids will watch the same cartoon over and over with no problem.
3 – too much TV can rot your brain.

1 – kill the satellite and the Tivo (save $70 for satellite/HBO and $15 for the Tivo PER MONTH)
2 – buy season pass to our fav 4 shows ($40 per show, per SEASON – $160)
3 – use the new host of free content online (not necessarily bittorrent, but video podcasts and the like) to show on TV
4 – hook up a cheap linux/windows box as an input to the TV to stream content form iTunes and Democracy TV (or Windoze equiv).
5 – watch more movies – kid movies have no commercials in them, and grown up movies look nicer than broadcast tv anyway.
6 – put up some rabbit ears to try and get pbs

Sounds like a plan to me. ‘course, we just spent $180 to get the satellite dish moved and installed in the new house. Still cheaper than the annual Tivo/Satellite bill.

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