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Quick Note: read the web page, since this pull quote will make more sense. Basically, he wants to be a “giraffe,” not a “jackal.”

Compassionate Communication by Marshall Rosenberg
As time passed, I learned much more about Giraffes. For one thing, they do not make requests in the past. They do not say, or even think, “How nice it would have been if you had cleaned the living room last night.” Instead, Giraffes state clearly what they want in the present. And they take responsibility for their feelings, aware that their feelings are caused by their wants. If a mother is upset because her son’s toys are strewn about the living room, she will identify her feeling: anger. She will then get in touch with the underlying want that is causing this feeling: her desire for a neat and orderly living room. She will own the anger, saying, “I feel angry because I want the living room to be clean and instead it’s a mess.” Finally, she will ask for a different outcome: “I’d feel so much better if you’d just put these toys away.”

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