AA Shadow in Summer

Amazon.com: A Shadow in Summer: Book One of the Long Price Quartet (The Long Price Quartet): Books: Daniel Abraham: “ 
Recommended by none other than Walter Jon Williams himself, one of my favs from the Wild Card days. Walter says:

It’s a truly intricate, original fantasy that eschews the twinkly faux-William Morris medieval world that has become standard in the genre. There are no colorful rustics spouting quaint pseudo-Dorset idiom, no wise wizards whose sole purpose is to explain the plot, and no exiled princes. (Well okay, there’s one exiled prince.) The population is made up of people who work and sweat and scheme and bleed and succeed and hope and fuck up and have their share of benign delusions, very much like the rest of us.

It’s a terrific book. And, because I’ve had the opportunity to read the next two books in this series in manuscript, I know that the series goes from terrific to brilliant.

Putting it here so I can remember to go buy it.

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